Since 1947, Michigan Out-of-Doors has told the story of Michigan's outdoor heritage through great writing. Michigan Out-of-Doors is published quarterly and available in both print and digital formats. 


If you're a member of Michigan United Conservation Clubs, either individually or through a full affiliate conservation club, then you get access to the digital edition of Michigan Out-of-Doors. All that's required to view this is to log into your account through our website. If you are a member and have not yet created an account, you will need to establish a password by verifying your email address. (If you're a club member, this would be the email address provided to us by your club on its annual roster). You also have the option of linking it to your Twitter or Facebook account for logging in. 

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There's nothing like holding a well-written outdoor magazine in your hands and reading it at your leisure. We believe there is still a place for the printed word in outdoor media, and that place is in your hands, on your coffee table, rolled into your drybag on your kayak, next to the euchre cards at deer camp, and anywhere in Michigan's great outdoors where internet access is unavailable, inconvenient and, especially, where it's unwanted. 

To get the print edition of Michigan Out-of-Doors, simply join Michigan United Conservation Clubs here!

Club members can upgrade to the print edition of Michigan Out-of-Doors for a discounted rate of $20 annually, which you can arrange through your club for the time being (We are working on an option to upgrade through this website, but that is not yet available). 

*We will also be updating digital editions of previous Michigan Out-of-Doors issues in the near future: stay tuned!



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