After Dark


Giant trout, big bugs and darkness all are a recipe for success this hex season.

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Ending the Silence on Suppressors


Journalist Chris Lamphere tries to break through the stigma and mystery surrounding suppressors in this Spring 2018 article.

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Creek Fishing





Trout fishing in Michigan is usually synonymous with our famous rivers like the Au Sable, Pere Marquette and Manistee. But, trout anglers shouldn’t overlook the vast amount of creeks that greatly outnumber our rivers. Grab a can of worms, grab your favorite spinner or grab your fly rod and put on your hip boots — creek fishing is a great way to enjoy Michigan’s natural resources away from the crowds.

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Steven Rinella

Check out our interview with Meateater Steven Rinella, from our Spring 2017 issue.

Desperado Deer: The Peristent Problem of Captive Deer Running Wild

High-fence operations have recently come under fire as the Chronic Wasting Disease plot thickens. Many are calling for stricter regulations on the operations, and Michigan hunters should be talking to their legislators about the problems these cervidae farms can cause.

You can Teach an Old Angler New Tricks

In this feature, Editor Nick Green highlights a day floating a Northern Michigan stream. He and his friends learned a few things when they strayed away from their usual fly fishing methods.

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