Every Hunt has a Different Twist


Writer Andy Duffy details a day in the life of a Michigan hare hunter. This piece is sure to get you excited about grabbing your firearm of choice and going on a mid-winter hare hunt.

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A Late-season Smackdown



Editor Nick Green ended his 2017 waterfowl season with a bang — a nine-man limit of mallards, a pintail, a few black ducks and some geese.

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Preying on Predators


In this Winter 2017-18 piece, Jason Herbert explains his tactics for bringing down wily coyotes during the off-season.

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Swingin' Steel



Editor Nick Green was able to tag along on a Pere Marquette steelhead trip with Outfitters North owner Jeff Hubbard. The pair were swinging big flies for steelhead, and Green landed the biggest steelhead of his life.


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Steven Rinella

Check out our interview with Meateater Steven Rinella, from our Spring 2017 issue.

Woodcock Central

In this Fall 2017 article, Bob Gwizdz makes a convincing case for the timberdoodle becoming Michigan’s new state bird.

You can Teach an Old Angler New Tricks

In this feature, Editor Nick Green highlights a day floating a Northern Michigan stream. He and his friends learned a few things when they strayed away from their usual fly fishing methods.

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