The perfect shotgun

“Two paths exist for finding the perfect upland bird gun: The logical way and the path less traveled”

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Woodcock Central

Michigan’s relationship with the timberdoodle is undeniable. In this Fall 2017 piece, Bob Gwizdz breaks down some of that relationship and explains how woodcock aren’t just a Northern Michigan bird.

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September Policy Board Meeting Recap

September’s Policy Board meeting featured a presentation by Jim Hammill from the U.P. Habitat Workgroup, an emergency resolution being voted through to the executive board and multiple discussions about further policy resolution endeavors.

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September NRC Meeting Recap

September’s NRC meeting featured a fishy debate over proposed musky regulation changes by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.

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Steven Rinella

Check out our interview with Meateater Steven Rinella, from our Spring 2017 issue.

Marksmanship: A perishable skill

Scott Crawford takes a look at the in’s and out’s of marksmanship training.

Open Camp for Conservation

Drew Youngedyke covers public land, and how we are all in this together.

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