Cover Feature: Making a Hunter

In this winter 2020 article, MUCC Education Director Shaun McKeon details his mentorship of a new hunter and the hunter’s journey to harvesting his first duck.

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Splintering Systems




In this Summer 2020 Michigan Out-of-Doors article, MUCC Policy Intern Charlie Booher explores how our current conservation model is failing us and what, if anything, we can do about it.

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Books from our Shelf

Are you looking for some quarantine reading? Maybe looking to expand your knowledge on conservation issues? We have some books that you probably haven’t heard of and you might be interested in.

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PFAS: "Forever Chemicals" are Impacting our Natural Resources


MUCC Habitat Volunteer Coordinator Makhayla LaButte takes a deep dive into what PFAS outbreaks and discoveries will mean for Michigan’s fish and wildlife in the future. This article was originally published in the Michigan Out-of-Doors Spring 2020 print edition.

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Officials looking to future of conservation as hunting, fishing revenues drop

Contributor Chris Lamphere examines the annual decline of hunters in this Summer 2019 article.

R3 will be Hunting's Saving Grace

In August 2019, Michigan Out-of-Doors was able to take youth campers out for a pheasant hunt. This hunt was the next step for these campers in their journey to become the hunters and conservationists of tomorrow.

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