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The Dogs and Birds that Unite us

The dirt road left washboarded by spring’s transition to summer amplified a chatter-like cadence before the Toyota 4Runner came to an abrupt halt. I sat on the tailgate with my dogs, Calvin and Summit, after running them in the 90-degree July heat through a tangled mess of aspen.

Great — I thought to myself. Colorful stickers covered every inch of the back windows on the SUV. I presumed an animal rights activist or do-gooder was set to exit the vehicle and provide me a tongue lashing for “abusing” my dogs in the sweltering heat. Fight or flight kicked in, and a confrontation was braced for.

Stepping from the 4Runner was a man my age with a straight-billed cap, Teva sandals and a Patagonia shirt on. Suddenly, I felt comfortable in my physical defense.

As the man approached, he smiled and said, “Nice dogs. Did you find any birds in there?”


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