Why I Became a Coyote Hunter

It’s early February in Southern Michigan and instead of lying in my warm cozy bed, I find myself sitting on the edge of a frozen soybean field as the sun rises into view.  Snow blankets the tundra and the remains of soybean stalks poke through the surface.

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Trapping for Christmas

by Jacob VanHouten

Christmas is a time for keeping many traditions alive.  One of my family traditions, passed down from grandfather, to father, to sons, was running a trap line to earn “Christmas money”.   In the “early days”, it was one of the few ways a young boy could earn cash to spend to purchase Christmas gifts for family and friends.  One of my very early trapping seasons stands out clearly in my mind, even today…

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Interview with Jada Johnson of Big Boys TV

In early October, I got the chance to sit down with Jada Johnson, who co-hosts Big Boys TV on the Sportsman Channel with her dad Kevin Johnson, at their studio just outside Gaylord, Michigan. Even more impressive than that, though, is the time she spends mentoring new female hunters of all ages through her all-girls boot camp. It was just a few days into Michigan's archery season and she was fresh in from a morning hunt waiting on a buck she'd been watching for years, still in camo. We talked about a wide range of issues, from the growing influence of female hunters and her role models and favorite hunts, to issues like the Michigan Youth Hunt, how she feels after a kill, how to approach non-hunters, and even quality deer managment. Her honest answers throughout the interview were refeshing and appreciated. You can watch Big Boys TV on the Sportsman Channel Sundays, July through December at 7:30am and 2:00pm. - Drew YoungeDyke, Editor

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Centerfire at Night

What do you get when you mix two army veterans, a marine veteran, and night time rimfire only coyote hunting? The answer may surprise you.

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Throwback | Fred Bear Interview with Michigan Out-of-Doors

In January 1979, we published a conversation between two Michigan outdoor legends, our then-editor Ken Lowe, who was inducted into the Michigan Conservation Hall of Fame in 1997, and the godfather of bowhunting, Fred Bear, who was inducted into the Michigan Conservation Hall of Fame in 1993. It was written just before Bear Archery moved to Florida, looking back on Fred Bear's career as an archery innovator, bowhunter, promoter and businessman up until then. It's a fascinating read for any bowhunter, especially those of us from the Great Lakes State! - DY

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How To Get Lost Tracking Bears at Night

Richard P. Smith, author of Black Bear Hunting, Understanding Michigan Black Bear, and Animal Tracks and Signs of North America, among others, offers a story of what not to do to avoid getting lost in the black bear woods at night. 

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Hunt Your Hunt

Backpackers have a saying: "Hike your own hike." Michigan Out-of-Doors editor Drew YoungeDyke explains why a similar mantra is needed for hunting.

This editorial appears in the back page column "The Wild Side" in the Fall 2016 issue of Michigan Out-of-Doors. Subscribe by becoming a member of Michigan United Conservation Clubs!

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The Hunter Athletes

A new generation of hunters is taking preparation to the next level through physical fitness and training. Michigan Out-of-Doors Editor Drew YoungeDyke takes a look at the movement through the first Train To Hunt Challenge held east of the Mississippi River. (All photos by Damaris Schuler)

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DisAbility in the Out-of-Doors


Three of my vertebrae at chest level were broken when the small pickup truck hit a tree and I was thrust across the bed, hitting the steel truck bed and shattering more than my bones. They’re called dreams. We all have them, and sometimes, they can be shattered, too.

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