How can I donate?

The Michigan Sportsmen Against Hunger asks sportsmen and sportswomen to PLEASE remember when purchasing your hunting or fishing licenses at an MDNR license vendor to tell them that you WANT to voluntarily donate $1 or more to the Sportsmen Against Hunger Fund BEFORE starting your purchase. If you purchase your licenses electronically through the MDNR, the question pops up during your purchase process.

You can also choose to donate a tagged deer directly. To learn more about that process, visit the Sportsmen Against Hunger website by clicking here.

Why donate?

Those voluntary donations go into a dedicated fund for processing donated deer into venison burger. In turn, this burger helps feed our the hungry throughout Michigan’s communities.. The Michigan Sportsmen Against Hunger organization has been the contractor with the State of Michigan since 2005 to coordinate the deer donations, processors who work with us and administrate the effort. 

Does it make a difference?

For the 2020-2021 contract year (Oct.1 through Sept. 30):

99,676 pounds of processed venison burger were distributed from 29 MSAH processors located in 22 different counties, which supplied 104 different agencies and created up to 398,704 hot and high-in-protein meals.

From when the MSAH first united in 1991 to September 30, 2021, a total of 931,195 pounds of ground venison processed by participating wild game processors working with MSAH has nourished up to 3,724,780 hungry adults and children in our Michigan communities thanks to the united hunters as well as non-hunters who financially support the MSAH in its mission.

About MSAH :

The founding of Michigan Sportsmen Against Hunger (MSAH) came around 1989, when representatives of Safari Club International teamed up with the Michigan United Conservation Clubs to create a wild game donation program to help feed the hungry across the state. Shortly after its creation, it was named Michigan Sportsmen Against Hunger and invited Michigan organizations wanting to participate in a humanitarian and conservation effort for Michigan’s communities to become involved.

Currently, organizations represented on the MSAH Board of Directors are Safari Club International chapters, Michigan United Conservation Clubs, Food Bank Council of Michigan, National Deer Association, United Methodist Men, Ted Nugent’s World Bowhunters and the Michigan Bow Hunters Association.  A non-voting representative from the Michigan DNR also participates in the MSAH process.